Posted by: danielharan | July 17, 2007

I’m a Ruby Guru!

Ben and Fred at Standoutjobs got me to move from Quebec to Montreal to become a Ruby Guru. I will be guru #2 after the very talented Marc-André Cournoyer. Like him, I now have a standard-issue MacBook Pro with a second screen.

I was very reluctant to leave beautiful Quebec city. I had a great apartment downtown on St-Jean street and was looking forward to a summer chilling on terraces.

They have a convincing pitch, and the project is ambitious. Ben, Fred and Austin have all had previous business success. With such a track record, and by recruiting people like Marc-André, they are very likely to succeed. This should be fun, and a great learning opportunity.



  1. Yeah! Welcome (officially) aboard Daniel!

  2. Welcome aboard Daniel. It’s great to have you be part of the team.

  3. […] Haran, a Ruby on Rails developer who worked previously for a web agency in Québec City, is now standoutjobs’s 2nd ruby guru. This was a key position for the startup and for the product’s development. Congrats to […]

  4. Congrats!

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